Friday, March 15, 2013

World of Coca Cola, Downtown Atlanta

Gosh! It has been ages since I posted something! Madness reigns! I really don't know where time went and it is now the end of Q1! Hmmmm .. let me paused for a while and think, in January, I took an extra week off from the holidays and started the year a week late, then I went on a short girlfriend trip to Seoul and did some skiing, then it was Chinese New Year and I had several reunions with family and friends, and then I fell really sick and have been coughing till now. In between, life is packed with my work, my son's life, my husband's life, car problems, friends visiting Bangkok, etc. Some days, I kept calm and carried on, some days I just screwed calm and screamed my head off. 

I went to Atlanta for a week earlier this month for a business trip. The good thing was I arrived 2 days before my meetings and had a fantastic time shopping, catching up with friends and visiting the vicinity. I spent an afternoon in Downtown Atlanta, ate at Hard Rock Cafe, went to the World of Coca-Cola and did the CNN Studio Tour. I skipped the Aquarium as I have issues with animals kept in captivity.

I'd like to teach the world to sing
In perfect harmony
I'd like to buy the world a COKE
And keep it company
That's the real thing ....

Remember this song? This song hit me in the 1980s (I think) and I became a COKE fan from then. So, when I went to Atlanta, I have to, have to visit the World of Coca-Cola.

COKE is a world-class marketing organization and the World of Coca-Cola is all about the experience ... the visuals, the suspense, the secret, the vault, the flavors, the show are all there for you bond with the brand and so, when you take a sip of COKE, you become part of their secret. I mean, it's a carbonated drink, it sells for 13 Baht a can at 7-11 for goodness sake and yet they do so much. Guess this is how you can make 20% OP.

Can you see me? I am being bubblized!

Right before the gift shop is where you can experience all the 60 flavors that COKE has worldwide. I love the Cherry COKE and had a few cups! Wish they will bring it back (maybe at certain outlets or as limited edition?).

Lots of communications materials from all over the world, COKE and pop culture, the Vault where the secret formula is held (don't believe that it is there, it's just marketing).

Till my next blog post, have a COKE (it's the real thing)! =)

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