Monday, March 25, 2013

Skiing at the Phoenix Park

The day after we did some trout fishing in Pyeongchang, my girlfriends and I had ski lessons at the Phoenix Park Ski Resort. We signed up for the 'family package' for a full-day lesson with a English-speaking instructor. Cost Won330,000 for the 3 of us, including the rental of equipment. Lessons were in 2 two-hour session, between 10am & noon and 2pm & 4pm.
It was about 3 degree Celsius that day and the ground was somewhat icy which made it more slippery than usual. I did not mind skiing (or sliding and falling, for me) down the slight slope but the walking sideways up the slope in those heavy boots and skis killed my knees. It was an exhausting day! My back and knees hurt like hell but it was a good experience and we had fun! =)
The resort is fantastic. There are several slopes for different levels of expertise and there are lots of people there .. and they are looked like experts! I am so envious! 

We were taught to make big A and small A with our skis to slow down and speed up respectively. And the following conversation went on for a few times ...
Instructor: Make big A. Make big A.
Me stretching out my legs to make a big A as per her instructions.
Instructor: Make bigger A. That's small A.
Me: This is my biggest A!
Instructor shakes her head ....

Till my next blog post, take a ski! =)

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