Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Made it to the top of Achasan but where is Yongmasan?

Inspired by last year's hike at the Bukhansan National Park, my family and I went for another hike when we visited Seoul in October. And this time, we decided not to overwork ourselves and opted for a much easier hike. 

Pile of stones at the top of Achasan
Our plan was to conquer 2 easy peaks .. the Achasan and the Yongmasan. We reached the top of Achasan but totally missed Yongmasan. The signboards are mostly in Korean and I guess we followed the wrong ones. We descended to somewhere near the Sagajeong subway station. I am somewhat disappointed that we missed Yongmasan .. I am hoping to check out the wall art near the Yongmasan subway station. Another excuse to visit Seoul next year. =)

The hike was good and we enjoyed ourselves. We did better this year. We went with 2 bottles of water and 2 packets of chips (vs one of each last year). But we still wore our city clothes and shoes and not hiking clothes like the Koreans. =)

The top of Achasan is quite sad-looking. Why do they have to chop off the trees?
This looks like a helicopter pad. Spotted somewhere near to the top of Achasan.

Some interesting sights along the hiking trail ..........

Shopping!! =) She sells gloves, scarfs and other hiking necessities. 

Energizers: Eggs, drinks, instead noodles, biscuits, etc for sale.

Exercise equipment for you to work out other parts of your body.

Well-defined steps and more exercise equipment

Non-slip features at the steps .. good for the elderly and clumsy people like me.
Till my next blog post, go hiking! =)

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