Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bukit Timah Hill, Singapore

Took a short hike at the Bukit Timah Hill in Singapore last month. I think this is the only hill in flat Singapore, standing at a hight of about 164 meters.

Relative to the Achasan and the Bukhansan, Bukit Timah Hill is a baby. =)

The map. We took the blue route to the quarry and also the yellow route to the summit.

A warning about feeding the monkeys. But I did not see any monkeys at all.

Steep slope at near to the start of the trail. Really steep. You must be really stupid to run.

Nothing much at the summit. Just a pavilion for people to catch their breathe and a boulder for picture-taking.

Short hike. Easy climb. Good workout. Suitable for all ages. Fantastic way to spend a Sunday morning! =)

Till my next blog post, go hiking!

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